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  • “Simulation is our passion”

    “Simulation is our passion”

  • ”The world needs training in Disaster Medicine”

    ”The world needs training in Disaster Medicine”

  • “Are you and your organization well prepared for a disaster?”

    “Are you and your organization well prepared for a disaster?”

  • “Don’t forget to train your personell for a high influx of traumas”

    “Don’t forget to train your personell for a high influx of traumas”

  • “Train decision-making for major incidents”

    “Train decision-making for major incidents”

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Welcome to Emergo Train System

logo kmcEmergo Train System (ETS) is a simulation system used for education and training in emergency and disaster management. It is used worldwide and can test and evaluate your incident command system, disaster preparedness, the effect on the medical management system and resilience within your organization.

ETS is used by Senior instructors in over 35 countries. ETS is a training concept in association with Educator faculties and more than 2 000 ETS Senior instructors have been certified.

ETS was developed and is administrated at the KMC - Centre for Teaching and Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology in Linköping, Sweden in collboration with Linköping University. ETS is a validated system and is being continuously developed in association with other universities, subject matter experts, ETS faculties and Senior instructors. The core of the system is based on actual research within different areas associated with crisis and disaster management.

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Keywords: disaster, management, triage, trauma, simulation, evaluation, patient outcome, performance indicators, surge capacity, exercises, command and control, emergency, liasion, health care, rescue, police, ambulance, resource coordination, major incident

About ETS

Emergo Train System (ETS) is an academic / educational simulation system used in several countries around the world for training and testing the preparedness and management of emergencies, major incidents and disasters.

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