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Management and coordination of psychosocial support

New material for training in Management and Coordination of psychosocial support

A new Emergo Train System set have been developed for training in psychosocial support.

The material includes 50 survivors, designed for triage as green on the incident site. The material can be used together with other ETS material or for separate psychosocial support exercises.

The Management and Coordination of psychosocial support set can be used:

  • to train psychosocial support persons in psychological first aid for psychosocial support
  • to train in assessing what follow-up a survivor requires
  • to train in organising psychological first aid for a large number of survivors
  • to practice and evaluate the abilities of psychosocial support organisations within the health care services

The material consists of survivors of both genders, in various ages, fammily circumstances and life situtations. They have been designed to reflect reactions to a potentially traumatic event where the survivor is not physically injured but has been exposed to this. The survivor have different reactions and different coping abilities. The material can usefully be applied to an exercise that reflects a potentially traumatic event in the form of for example a road accident, bus accident, train accident or house fire.

p310 front wp310 bak wThe bank of survivors have been created to harmonise with other ETS material. On the front is a text describing what you see and hear when approaching the survivor.

On the back of the symbol is a description of the information you obtain when the survivor is examined at the incident location, including breating frequency, systolic blood preassure, pulse and Glasgow coma scale. A difference from ETS patients in the trauma bank is that the term "psychological shock" has been removed from E and replaced with visible reactions.

310 card front wThe conversation card contains information corresponding to the first conversation the survivor has with a psychological support provider at the assembly Point or hospital. A characteristic quote from the survivor is also included.


card 310 back wThe back of the conversation card gives information that arises in further conversations. Under the heading "Social network", parts of the survivor's work situation, life situation and social network are described, which can have an effect on how continued support is assessed and organised. Under Health history are described any previous Health problems the survivor has had.



mat dryck wIn the material is also included stickers to be used to visualise actions that can be taken during psychological first aid.


hus gront wStickers are also available to mark out the survivors place of recidence for example if they live in another county or abroad. This may affect what actions is taken and can also influence how follow-up is organised.


psychosocial support wA number of staff symbols represent jobs and professional Groups that may be relevant in a potentially traumatic event.  



The Management and Coordination of psychosocial support set also contain a binder and a CD with:

  • template for outcome for survivors
  • category description
  • description of how to use the material
  • information about the psychosocial support material
  • references for the development of the psychosocial support material
  • suggestion for how to set up a whiteboard
  • a scenario guideline with exercise set-up suggestions

The material have been developed by KMC - Center for Teaching and Research in Disaster Medicine & Traumatology/ETS Competence centre in Sweden and subject matter expertice in Sweden.

The material have been tested and evaluated by the ETS Competence Center at exercises in Sweden (2012 and 2013) and by ETS Educator faculties in The Netherlands, Australia and United Kingdom (2013).

Further information
A detailed description of the The Management and Coordination of psychosocial support set is available on the Senior instructor page on the website (requires a login as Senior instructor). Certfied Senior instructors can register here and follow the instructions.
For a booklet (as pdf) with detailed description and further information you can also contact the ETS Competence centre:
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: +46-10-103 7490

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