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ETS Australia - Western Australia

ETS is the tool of choice for WA Health and contracted ambulance services for training and exercising emergency management arrangements and plans at the local, regional and state level throughout WA. In 2017 the WA Health Disaster Preparedness & Management Unit established the ETS Educator faculty in Perth.


Contact information ETS Western Australia

Attention - ETS Regional Director
DPMU Training, Department of Health WA
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: +61-8-9222 6458


ETS Netherlands - Trauma region in the North of The Netherlands

According to Dutch law, Health Care Institutions are obliged to guarantee a constant level of healthcare in every situation, including disasters. Since 2008, the Dutch ministry of Health reserves an annual budget to stimulate the disaster-preparedness-activities of the health care system.

The trauma region in the North of the Netherlands (hereafter AZNN) is a partner in the area of crisis and disaster management and provides education, training and exercise. For the execution of these activities at Health Care Facilities in the North of the Netherlands, the training method Emergo Train System (hereafter ETS) was introduced in 2010. With the support of the ETS faculty, 6 ETS Educators are educated in accordance with the standards and license of Sweden. They have educated around 60 ETS Senior instructors for guidance of activities with the support of the ETS training method in the past 7 years. The training method is implemented in various medical institutes. The ETS Educators strive to maintain well educated ETS instructors and educators together with AZNN in order to provide ETS activities in the region.

The healthcare facilities that use the ETS methods are:

  • The hospitals
  • Public health services
  • Regional ambulance services including the ARC
  • GP care

Targets and assumptions of the ETS faculty Groningen

  • ETS is implemented as a tool to prepare for disasters and large incidents in the region.
  • Healthcare facilities in the trauma network supply ETS instructors (at least one) for the regional pool. These will work together to set up ETS exercises in the region.
  • ETS exercises are also provided with the use of external instructors from other pools.
  • ETS exercises in the region are evaluated and feedback is sent to the program director.
  • Development protocols of ETS exercises are available for the trauma region.

Qualification ETS educators and ETS instructors

After successfully completing the ETS instructor training, the ETS instructors are appointed to a pool. An overview of all the ETS instructors and their availability for regional trainings is kept at the secretariat. At the end of each year the program director and ETS educators will receive this. This overview is then used to create an annual report.

Development ETS

The ETS educators are licensed as a group and are therefor all partially responsible for the ETS developments. An annual ETS development plan is created in collaboration with the program director. This plan is based on the evaluation of the regional ETS exercises and the regional annual plan of AZNN.

Cooperation and relation with other ETS faculties

The ETS educators keep track of national and international developments of other ETS faculties. They will reach out for collaboration when possible as well as adding process developments into their own annual ETS development plan.


Nya ETS H-patienter för AKM

50 nya ETS H-patienter för akutmottagning har nu utvecklats validerats. Dessa finns nu tillgängliga att beställa för att komplettera till befintligt ETS sjukhusmaterial. Dom nya patienterna är numrerade H101-H150 och har blandade åldrar och symptom. Patienterna är kategoriserade och går att utvärdera på samma sätt som de övriga H-patienterna.

Dom nya patienterna är nu inkluderade i Surge capacity set om man köper ett helt set.

Om man vill komplettera redan befintligt set med dom nya patienterna erbjuder vi ett paket som innehåller:

  • Patient H101-H150
  • 1 markeringsark med kateter (25 markeringar)
  • 1 markeringsark med artärkateter (25 markeringar)
  • 1 markeringsark med provtagning (25 markeringar)
  • 1 markeringsark med filt (25 markeringar)
  • 2 markeringsark med prioriteringsmarkeringar röd/orange/gul/grön (9 av varje färg/ark)
  • Kategoribeskrivning, laminerad
  • Uppdaterad patientlista för samtliga H-patienter AKM: - H1-H50 + H101-H150
  • Uppdaterad laminerad utvärderingsmall för samtliga H-patienter AKM: H1-H50 + H101-H150 och IVA: H51-H71
  • CD


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Telefon: 010-103 7490

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ETS Australia - New South Wales

australia round icon 640ETS have been used in Australia in many years. In 2008 the NSW Health Emergency Management Unit started an ETS Educator Faculty in Sydney. The faculty have since then trained close to 500 ETS Senior instructors.


Contact information ETS Australia, New South Wales

Linda Winn
ETS Regional Director
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Tel: +61-2-9320 7628


Exercise AU
201603 ETS SI Course   Boards 4
IMG 4026

ETS Netherlands - Zwolle

netherlands 640Emergo Train System (ETS) is een simulatiemiddel dat wordt ingezet bij scholingen voor voorbereiding op rampen en crises. Met ETS is het mogelijk tijdens opleiding, training en/of oefening een crisissituatie in beeld te brengen en te kijken wat de consequenties zijn van gemaakte keuzes.

Het Netwerk Acute Zorg regio Zwolle is, samen met Acute Zorg Euregio, de beheerder van ETS in beide regio’s. ETS is slechts een middel, daarom is het noodzakelijk dat er goede instructeurs zijn die de scholing of oefening begeleiden. De instructeurs/oefenleiders worden opgeleid onder toezicht en begeleiding van het Netwerk Acute Zorg regio Zwolle. Hierbij wordt aansluiting gezocht bij analoge ontwikkelingen in de regio VuMC, Traumanet AMC en Zuid Limburg. Educators uit voornoemde regio’s werken samen aan scholing en nascholing van ETS instructeurs.

Beproefd systeem
ETS is een begrip geworden door de effecten van het gebruik. Ziekenhuizen en pre-hospitale zorgaanbieders maken gebruik van ETS voor opleiden van medewerkers en leidinggevenden. Het is een beproefd systeem en een goede aanvulling en voorbereiding op grote real life oefeningen of trainingen.

Contactinformatie ETS Zwolle: Regional Director Wim Heupers


About ETS

Emergo Train System (ETS) is an academic / educational simulation system used in several countries around the world for training and testing the preparedness and management of emergencies, major incidents and disasters.

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