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ETS Basic set

The Emergo Train System Basic set includes all training material needed for setting up and running pre-hospital exercises: pre-hospital symbols such as staff and vehicles (eg ambulance, rescue services, police), stickers for treatment of the patients, signs, photos of incidents, templates for evaluation of the patient outcome. The Basic set also includes the ETS trauma bank with over 300 patients and management cards with various injuries.

The ETS trauma victim bank (patients and management cards) can be purchased separately.

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ETS Psychosocial support set

psychosocial support wThe Emergo Train System Psychosocial support set can be used:

  • to train psychosocial support persons in psychological first aid for psychosocial support 
  • to train in assessing what follow-up a survivor requires  
  • to train in organising psychological first aid for a large number of survivors 
  • to practice and evaluate the abilities of psychosocial support organisations within the health care services

The material consists of survivors of both genders, in various ages, family circumstances and life situations, so as to reflect a normal population of survivors of a major incident. They have been designed to reflect reactions to a potentially traumatic event where the survivor is not physically injured but has been exposed to this. The survivors have different reactions and different coping abilities. This demands individual assessment of the psychological first aid and individual assessment of the follow-up that is needed. 

The material can usefully be applied to an exercise that reflects a potentially traumatic event in the form of for example a road accident, bus accident, train accident or house fire. The training set consists of 50 survivors. Each have a conversation card which contains information corresponding to the first conversation the survivor has with a psychosocial support provider. Stickers are included to be used to visualise actions that can be taken during psychological first aid.

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ETS Hospital set

There is a need to test how hospitals can cope with a high influx of patients from an incident or daily flow. The Emergo Train System Hospital set is used to evaluate a surge in the medical capacity of emergency department, surgery department and intensive care unit. A high impact on daily surge can influence the ability to maintain the normal quality of care. Decitions about prioritizations and medical ambitions are needed othervice patients' health will be at risk or worse, there will be a risk of preventable death.

ETS Hospital set contains training material for setting up, running and evaluating hospital surge capacity exercises.

The set includes staff symbols (for doctors, nurses, other hospital staff), signs and treatment stickers. The set also includes in-hospital patients for the emergency department and the intensive care unit. The in-hospital patients can be evaluated according to surge capacity outcome and you can evaluate if the decisions made for the patient put them at risk and/or if hospital resources are overutilized.

In-hospital patients can be purchased separately to add to your set.

For further information, please contact the ETS Competence Center.

DSC0291w   DSC0304w

ETS Decontamination at hospital

The Emergo Train System Decontamination at Hospital set is developed to train the logistics in decontamination of patients arriving to the Emergency department. The decontamination at hospital set contains of 100 victims, in various degrees exposed to a chemical; ammonia or cyanide. Some of the victims are in need of specialised ECMO care. These victims have an extra management card for treatment at ECMO unit.

C4 patient frontw   C4 EDw

There are treatment markings such as inhalation of bronchodilator, steroid, eye decontamination and antidote included in the material together with staff symbols in protection suits, stretchers, showers, signs showing undressing time and decontamination time. A scenario guideline is included and shows an example of how to plan, run and evaluate a decontamination exercise at the Emergency department. The ED should be set up with the regular Hospital set material.

Decontamination 02

The material have been developed by KMC - Center for Teaching and Research in Disaster Medicine & Traumatology/ETS Competence centre in Sweden and Isala klinieken, Netwerk Acute Zorg/ETS faculty Zwolle, The Netherlands with subject matter expertice from specialists in decontamination from SPC - Stockholm Prehospital Centre in Sweden.




ETS Military victim bank

The ETS military victim bank consists of patients with ‘war-injuries’ – both severe and minor – such as for example penetrating gun wounds, penetrating blast injurie, tissue injuries etc. for the purpose of running simulation exercises in a military setting.

The Military victim bank consists of 50 patients with management cards. The management cards are available as level 2 and level 3 symbolising the different level of care. Level 2 can be either an outpatient clinic or a Forward surgical team (FST) with limited emergency surgery capability. Level 3 is a theatre hospital with limited capability and 30 days ICU holding capability.

p M2 front w   M2 LEVEL2 ER w

The material has been developed together with subject matter expertise and tested in a number of exercises held at the KMC - Centre for Teaching & Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology. The exercises were part of a research project.
Further symbols for running exercises in a military setting have been developed, for example staff, vehicles etc. Those symbols can be purchased separately to be able to design a training set specific for your organisation.

miilitary victim bank 02


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About ETS

Emergo Train System (ETS) is an academic / educational simulation system used in several countries around the world for training and testing the preparedness and management of emergencies, major incidents and disasters.

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