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Course date international Senior instructor course 2017

Do you want to become an ETS Senior instructor or do you need more instructors in your organization running exercises and simulations?!

There are today over 1 500 certified ETS Senior instructors in over 30 countries. Next international Senior instructor course will be held August 22-24 2017 at KMC - Centre for Teaching & Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology in Sweden.

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ETS workshop in Korea

Today the ETS Competence center together with Korean ETS Senior instructors had an ETS workshop at the International Conference on Disaster Nursing. The participants on the workshop experienced ETSin smaller table top exercises and demonstrations.

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ETS in Greece

ETS have been used in Greece by two ETS Senior instructors for less than a year but they have already conducted several trainings and workshops with the ETS training material.

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Big exercise in Sydney, Australia

On Sunday, a big exercise was held in Sydney. The scenario was a jumbo crashed on a busy Sydney street with 500 injured people. During the exercise 500 cardboard patients was used. The ETS faculty in New South Wales was part of the exercise. ETS figurant cards was used in the field and when they reached the loading point in the casualty clearing station, the figurant cards was changed to ETS magnetic patients and management cards for their journey to hospitals.


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About ETS

Emergo Train System (ETS) is an academic / educational simulation system used in several countries around the world for training and testing the preparedness and management of emergencies, major incidents and disasters.

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