ETS Psychosocial support version 4!

There is now a new updated Psychosocial support set - version 4 - available in English!

The ETS Psychosocial support training material is developed in order to practice coordination and psychological first aid for situations in everyday life as well as major incidents. The material was developed in 2013 and is used in several county councils and municipalities in different countries. Version 4 of the set was first made in Swedish and is now available in English.

News in version 4:

  • New design of the survivor symbols
  • New design of the conversation cards
  • More staff symbols
  • New signs
  • New sticker for child activity
  • A manual for ETS Psychosocial support set
  • Updated Power Point presentation

If you already have ETS Psychosocial support version 3, it is possible to update the existing set with new material. Contact the ETS Competence center for more information!

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