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New ETS victim bank - Penetrating trauma version 4!

A new ETS penetrating trauma victim bank is now released!

The victim bank consists of a total of 100 patients with various degrees of penetrating trauma due to for example gun shot and stab wounds.


Patienter 501 frontw   Journalkort 501 frontw

The penetrating trauma victim bank includes, in addition to other categories, also the patient outcome categories:

23 – penetrating thorax injury
24 – penetrating neck injury
25 – severe extremity bleeding

The outcome categories can be evaluated 30 minutes after injury.

Some of the victims in the penetrating trauma bank are children >12 years. They can be evaluated using the the special pediatric patient outcome template.

GDEN7 01 Patient outcome pediatric victims w

Included in the set is also extra sheets of treatment stickers/markings.


The penetrating trauma victim bank is developed by the ETS Competence center in collaboration with ETS UK/Public Health England and trauma experts.

Read more about the penetrating trauma victim bank >>>

For more information, contact the ETS Competence center This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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