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ETS version 4 now available in Dutch!

The ETS Competence center have in collaboration with the ETS faculty in Zwolle translated and customized the ETS version 4 to Dutch. The ETS version 4 is available in pre-designed sets; Pre-hospital and Hospital set. The sets are available in sizes large, medium and small. To the sets you connect victim banks/in-hospital patient banks according to your needs. Many of the victim/patient banks are also available in different sizes.

Patienter TDNL 7 frontw   Patient7 bakw   Journalkort TDNL 7 frontw   Journalkort TDNL 7 bakw

Some of the news in version 4:

  • All victim/patient banks have undergone a complete medical review and update
  • A revision have been made in the patient outcome which starts at 30 minutes after injury instead of 1 hour
  • The management cards have a new design that also shows time on X-ray and post-op
  • More in-hospital patients for ED and ICU
  • New in-hospital patient bank for Surgery department!
  • A new trigger victim bank!

ADNL2 11w  ADNL2 14w  ADNL3 01w  HDNL2 06  HDNL2 15w  HDNL2 40w

The following ETS version 4 sets are now available in Dutch:

  • Prehospitale set
  • Hospitaal set
  • Trauma slachtoffer bank (pat 1-200)
  • In-hospitale patiënten SEH (pat H1-H100)
  • In-hospitale patiënten OK (pat H201-H300)
  • In-hospitale patiënten IC (pat H401-H450)
  • Psychologische shock-letsel patiënten (pat 301b-350b)
  • Trigger slachtoffer bank (pat T1-T50)

You can read more detailed information (in English) about the ETS version 4 here >>>

If you want more information about the Dutch sets, please contact the ETS Competence center on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We would like to give our thanks to ETS Zwolle and especially Wim Heupers, former ETS regional director and Marijke van Polen, ETS medical director at the ETS faculty Zwolle, for the help and great collaboration with translation and customization of the ETS training material into Dutch! 

Patienter EDNL p49w  Patienter IDNL H401w  Patienter ODNL 207w

 SIGNS HDNL L large signs 10w  SIGNS HDNL L small signs 2w  

Patienter YDNL T31w   Journalkort YDNL T31 frontw




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